Q: How do I apply for the card?
A: Application forms of our Sushi Tei Card are available at all our restaurants in Singapore. Kindly fill up the application form and post it back to us or alternatively you can hand it to our staff over the counter. The processing time of the card would take an approximate of 3-4 weeks.

Q: How much does the card cost?
A: The membership costs S$88 (including GST). However, you will receive S$100 Sushi Tei Dining Vouchers. Therefore the card is basically free, and on top of that you earn S$12 in return.

Q: How do I renew my Sushi Tei Card?
A: Renewal of Sushi Tei Card is at a cost of S$40(including GST). You would receive S$60 Sushi Tei Dining Vouchers. We would send out notification to inform you that you card is due for renewal. However it is important to note that Sushi Tei Points will expire on the date of your membership expiry, regardless of whether you renew your membership or not. Thus, you will be required to redeem all your Sushi Tei Points before the expiry date, or it will be forfeited.

Q: How do I make payment for the card?
A: Payment of S$88 for application of Sushi Tei Card and S$40 for renewal, is to be made for the card upon collection at the outlet of your preference, by either Cash/Credit Card or Nets.

Membership Vouchers

Q: What is the validity of the card and vouchers?
A: Both the card and vouchers are valid for one year.

Sushi Tei Points Earning, Expiry and Card Discounts

Q: What are the privileges of having a Sushi Tei Card?
- 10% discount off total bill (Not applicable for special offers promotions, gift vouchers, takeaway/delivery purchases and or/seasonal items unless otherwise stated)
- 20% off total bill on birthday month (Kindly present NRIC to enjoy discount).
- Gain Sushi Tei Points and redeem for vouchers to offset your next dining bill.

Q: How do I earn and accumulate points?
A: Earn 5 Sushi Tei Points with every S$1 spent on qualifying purchased. The points are accumulated electronically by swiping your card at the cashier when u makes payment for your bill. Points are not awarded with usage of promotional vouchers. Sushi Tei reserves the right to change the amount spent and/or Sushi Tei points earned at any time without prior notice.
*Use of Sushi Tei Dining Voucher and Sushi Tei Membership vouchers are entitled to points.

Q: How do I check the number of Sushi Tei Points that I have accumulated?
A: You can check the balance of your Sushi Tei Points in these following ways:
- When you log onto Sushi Tei website (, you can go into Members Login to check on the status of your Sushi Tei Points.
- Each time you dine in at Sushi Tei, upon payment of your bill, the points will be reflected on the receipt.

Q: How do I redeem my Sushi Tei Points?
A: You can redeem your Sushi Tei Points for Sushi Tei Vouchers, and be offset in your next visit with us. Redemption is strictly done via Sushi Tei website ( Simply log onto the website and go to Members Login to redeem the vouchers. The vouchers will be stored electronically on your Sushi Tei Card, and will be reflected on our system, when the card is swiped at the cashier.

Q: How do I obtain my User ID and Password to log in and check my details?
A: The user id for log in is your NRIC/Passport no. that was provided to us on the application form. For members who are login for the first time, the default password is your Sushi Tei 16 digits card no. that is stated on the back of your Sushi Tei Card.
Login ID: NRIC/Passport No./FIN No.
Password: 16 digits Sushi Tei Card No. (as reflected on the back of your Sushi Tei Card)
After the first successful login, you are advised to change the password for security purposes.

Q: Will my Sushi Tei Points expire?
A: Yes, your Sushi Tei Points will expire at the same time as your membership expiry date, as indicated on your Sushi Tei Card.

Q: Can I use multiple cards to earn and redeem Sushi Tei Points?
A: No. Only 1 Sushi Tei Card can be used per earning/redemption.

Q: What if I lose my card? Will I lose my Sushi Tei Points?
A: If you happen to lose your Sushi Tei Card, you may request for a replacement card at any of our Singapore outlets. An administrative fee of S$10.70 (including GST) is payable for replacement of lost cards. Points are stored in our system electronically, thus you would not lose your Sushi Tei Points.